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Digital Payments - Is it a norm or exception?

Had been to my local milk booth. Lady at the shop had payment stickers for @Paytm & UPI. At the end of my shopping i asked if i could make the payment through @Paytm, she said "NO", she needs cash.

I asked then why has she put stickers of Paytm & UPI? for which she replied that it was put by her boss and she does not use it. She literally told me "Boss stickers hakthare and nanu stickers thegithini" which basically means "Boss puts the stickers (payment options) & i keep removing all the stickers".

I asked her for the reason and she had a genuine concern, she said

  1. She does not understand it, especially when there is a failed transaction it is difficult to handle

  2. Milk van from Dairy does not accept @Paytm and she needs cash to pay him. If she takes only @Paytm, then she will not have any cash to pay.

Thinking about this, it made sense. Digital transactions dont work unless complete chain accepts the same. I started thinking have we gone back to pre-demonetization era? What do you guys think? how do we solve these challenges?

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